Fenex Enterprises Proudly Presents Market reserch and surway for a new and existing product

Dear friends are you planning for
1. Launching of a new product
2. Getting feedback of a existing product
3. Making survey
4. Selling of the old stock

1. Are you planning to launch a new product but dont know what will be the response

of the product in the new area get in touch with Fenex,

We will get you the feed back of the coustomer with a particular area

or about how they would like the new product taste ,shape and

size which will help in designing of the new product according to the customer need.

2. Is your product loosing the value or sales? get in touch with fenex

we do the survey with the public and find why the product

loosing its value which will help in analysing the problem and

get a solution to the problem and increase the sales.

3.Do you want to find what is the position of the market the likes

and dislikes of the public or do you want to start up the up a new business

but dont know the position the business in the market or do you want to create a

new product or do you want to open a hospital or a resturant

in a new place but you dont know what the problem you may face in the new place

just get in touch with us, we will do the survey and analayse all

the problem and we will help in the resolving all the problem and establish

your business in a new area where you want to open a business

4. Are you stuck with your old stock where you are not able to sell or make profit,

Fenex will sell the items directly to the customer

Activiteis We do..

1. Door to door marketing
2. Marketing through news paper
3. Marketing through pamplets
4. Marketing through tv channels and radio
5. Marketing through email and sms
6. Marketing through college students
7. Marketing through display Van and banners
8. Direct sales to customers


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