Dear Friends nobody in the world knows how many varity of food disheas are there in the world

we can not even count or give a exact number how many different dishes we have tasted in our life

FENEX is making an attampet to get as many dishes like continantal dishes, asian dishes ,chinese dishes , japanise, dishes

and indian dishes , south indian and north indian and more type of dishes in one place

the entry fee and the place will be decided one month in advance

and to get the passes you just have to get in touch with FENEX

We will make sure that when some one asked you that wether you have had this dish

you will say that ohh that dish , it was very good and you will discribe about the taste of the dish also

to know where the food mela is getting organised just give a call to FENEX and we will let you know all the details

when and where the Food Mela is getting organised

The income earned by the Food mela will be used for the other activities of FENEX TRUST


Contact: FENEX SHIVA :- +91 8861045377 # +91 7795153952 # +91 9972408927 # +918123400669