Dear Friends since how long back did you see a snake or any wild life

you have to go to Zoo or national park to see the wild life

it is becoming endangred and rare to see and finding them even in the wild forest

but ther are pleanty of pooachears who want to deal in wild life for money sake

there is an endangred species known as double elgine sanke which has crores together value

if you even give me a clue that a person is dealing in the endangred wild life we will seized it and

let the wild life go free in the wild but in case you dont want to be highlighted to the world

your name and contact number will not be encloed to the world your name

will remain a secert but the work will go on

if any people have green parrot also give a call we will take it in to our custody and we will realesed it in the wild

if you find a snake please dont kill it just give us a call we will rescue

it and put it in safe place for both the people and for the snake

if you get any clue that any illeagal activity is going on just

text me in whatspp FENEX SHIVA +91886045377 i will take care of the problem

if you want to do any thing good to society just get the same mentality people

creat a whatsapp group make M.SHIVA +918861045377 a admin rest every thing i will take care


Contact: FENEX SHIVA # 8861045377 # 9972408927# 8123400669 # 7795153952