Dear Friends ideas and new technology do not belong to anyone

who has an idea and want to develop it he can become a inventor

its not mandatory that he has to have master degree or any IT technology degrees

a person who did not know any thing about new technology they have created engines and carborators

a person who was just a mechanic he has created a car that runs in water

and developed an sensor that controls the car through a remote control

the things which were made and become a new technology they were just made by accaident

those were just made by normal person just like you and me

but the difference between them and us is that they did not let the

ideas go out in air they took time and lot of patience and made the raw idea into finished product

not only that we have lot of indian inventors who were thrown out of the academy just because

they did not perform well at that time but now the same persons who was miss treated

and throwen out of the acadamy but now they are useing their technology

Dear friends in india we have lot of young inventors who want to develop one

or the other thing but due to money shortage or due to no support from other they all

get destroyed

Dear inventors if you have any invention which you want to do

just get in touch with FENEX we will get you all kind of support from the government and as well as

from the private companies

if we think that your idea will work we will help you in getting patent rights in your name itself

so that the world will know that the invention belongs to you and we will also

get you sponsers from our country to develop your idea

Dear friend you know one thing we have seen cars that run in remote control only in english movies

but there is a indian in our country who has made a car that runs not only in remote control

it also runs in water also but he has made up his mind that he wants

his technology to be used only for india made only

there is another person who wanted to help the handicap people so he has created artifical limb to the handicap people

at a very cheap price

There is another person who has crearted more than 130 inventions and his speacility he has created

a machine that removes seeds from pomogranate

Not only that there are people who have created a sensor which are more minute and very cheap in price

There a people who have created soft ware that keeps and maintains data of more than one Cr people in very limited space

there are people who have created a new attandence that runs on GPS which are very cheap in price and very easy to make

And there are many scientist who have created medicine for the very bad and dangerous diseased

There are many ayurvadic doctors who already have meadicine which can cure any diseased

and not only that there are many yoga masters who have developed new ways to keep our body fit and fine

These are just some of the exmples that some pople have done

just imagin what will happen if we take all the ideas from all the unidentified inventors from all over the world

Dear Friends India is nation which is said that it has every thing .Which is also said that

it is the best in all the world and INDIA is the youngest nation in the world

FENEX is hear to help our nation to grow in all the ways

FENEX is attampting to join all the inventors and investors in one place to make our nation to be the best in all the ways

Dear friends if you have a idea and you want to develop it just get in touch with

FENEX we will make that ideas in to a live project

*Always remember you are the best but always be ready to learn from the best*

To Develop and Grow your ideas

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