Do you have 560sqt of site or plot or land ?

Do you have 10 lakh Rs in hand but you want to build your dream house ?

Get in touch with Fenex..

Requirement from the customer

1. More than 560 sqt of land

2. Upto date Katha

3. 10 lakh Rs in hand

Operation of Fenex

1. We will get all the docouments ready for the application of loan.

2. We will apply for bank loan in Canfin bank or Axis bank or Tata Capital finance or HDFC .

3. We will build 3 floors.

4. Ground floor for the land loard ,first floor & second for the bank EMI.

5. Attic will be constructed.

Note :- The Attic will Remain in the control of Fenex for 3 years

Fenex will do the business according to the nature of the area.

Designing of the building will be according to the building owners decission or

according to the latest Design but with all the modern equipments.

Terms and Condition

1 .Agreement will be done on the Bond paper with the notary from the Mayohall court.

2.If FENEX is not able to finish the building with in 18 months

FENEX will repay 30% of cash back but FENEX will finish the bulilding. and handover the project.

3.Once FENEX has started the Project, all the problems and litigation will be handled by FENEX

* FENEX will do the pooja and demolish the building and do the Gruhapravasha pooja and Handover the building *


Contact: FENEX SHIVA :- +91 8861045377 # +91 7795153952 # +91 9972408927