Fenex enterprises proudly presents FENEX MARATHON ORGANISER

Dear Friends their was one great man called as father of nation

he is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

he left us a very dangerous wepon called as ahimsa

this does not work on normal people

but it has a great effects on government

if we want to show some thing is wrong

we dont have to react in a violent way

it will creat more problem

so rather than that just go to commishner office get permission form them

and get protection from police for your marathon .

organise only 10 people with candel in their hand

and one press channel covering the whole marathon

than just see what the candel does

its a fact dear angels

pen is mighter than a sword

to organise a peace marathon

Contact: FENEX SHIVA # 8861045377 # 9972408927# 8123400669 # 7795153952